Below are the projects currently maintained under the shinkirou network. Several completed, several in progress, all equally loved no matter the length or period of my life in which they were written. Please feel free to check them out or see what’s coming up next!

mind your sugar levels

Arguably the grossest site on the internet: full-fledged shrine & approved fanlisting for my husbando favorite curly haired, nose-picking samurai, Yorozuya Gin-san. ♪

brave song

An expansive, tl;dr shrine to Ranka Lee's (キラッ☆!!) character and her music's involvement in the crazy sci-fi space opera anime, Macross Frontier. Yack, deculture!


Fansite (and approved fanlisting) to the world-reknowned biker gang smasher and cuddly plushie maker, Tatsumi Kanji. (Stay out of that bath house, fam.)

al fine

A one page shrine (my first and only, at the moment!) for the womanizing Italian bastard of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Caesar Antonio Zeppeli.

long live the king (Under Construction!)

This is an incomplete shrine I'm currently in the process of building for Amassment's Construction Zone Event, for the King of the Court, Kageyama Tobio of Haikyuu!! fame.

Upcoming Projects

Below are sites I can't pinky promise on, but may or may not come to fruition! ;w; I am either currently working on these or would like to in the future. ♡

The Dragons

The Phantom

The Invincible Hero

The Best Friend