Hello there! You've stumbled upon SHINKIROU.NET, the personal network and collective of Aku. Here you'll find a collection of sites to subjects both manly and moe, presented in a lovingly home-cooked design & with enough wit and sarcasm to put Sakata Gintoki to shame. If you're interested in having a look around, please enjoy your stay as you start your journey. Peace out!

Sakata Gintoki Mind Your Sugar Levels
A possibly offensive shrine and approved fanlisting for my favorite curly haired, nose-picking samurai, Sakata Gintoki! Not without crude humor, lengthy epic monologuing and enough mosaic censors to make you wonder why I even bothered using images in the first place. Made with love and an overdosage of sugar.
Read @ gintoki.shinkirou.net : Comraderie, Toilet Humor & Demons of the Past
Ranka Lee Brave Song
Covering everything from the songstress's music to the ahoge on top of her head, this fansite is an expansive look on Ranka's character and her music's involvement in the crazy sci-fi mech anime, Macross Frontier. Shinkirou.net trivia-wise, it's also my first shrine ever to a female character. Embrace this to the ends of the internet!
Read @ ranka.shinkirou.net : Stardom, Rivalry & The Power of Love
Tatsumi Kanji Duality
A fansite (and approved fanlisting) to the world-reknowned biker gang smasher and cuddly plushie maker, Tatsumi Kanji. It's a whole mess of analytical tl;dr that'll hopefully leave you with some warm fuzzies to knit up into stuffed rabbits after you're done. Just stay out of the bath house.
Read @ kanji.shinkirou.net : Masculinity, Knitting & Finding Your True Self
Caesar Antonio Zeppeli Al Fine
A one page shrine (part of Amassment's "One Page, One Month" event) for the womanizing Italian bastard of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Caesar Antonio Zeppeli. It's a little bit more concise than the rest of the sites here, but not made with any less love (or steroids) than any other fansite!
Read @ caesar.shinkirou.net : Bravado, Loyalty & A Dynamic Duo